The Pitt

Written by Trey Seah

First and foremost, I’m a guy.

I’m a normal and straight guy who thinks that Brad Pitt is a great and committed actor (and he’s extremely hot btw).

Brad Pitt as Ryan Rusty (Ocean's Thirteen)Over the past 2 decades or so, he’s placed himself in a number of great films and doing justice to the characters. Some of my favourite films are actually in my list because of him. Films such as Interview With A Vampire, Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, and of course, Troy.

Of course there are other roles, which he did well in, like Mr and Mrs Smith, though it’s not the best film in my opinion, so I shall leave it out of the equation today.

Brad Pitt as Louis (Interview With A Vampire)Let’s talk about Interview With A Vampire. It’s one of those films that either you hate it or love it. It’s a film about this vampire who’s been alive for over 200 years, and still going. Well, I choose the latter. I love it to bits, not only for the script, but for Brad Pitt’s delivery as Louis. He was amazing, to the point where I would say spectacular. Apart from Brad Pitt, I really cannot see anyone else playing as Louis the vampire.

It’s a great film, filled with a great cast and script, but most importantly, Brad Pitt’s inside. His desperation, despair, happiness and eventual rage were all extremely believable. He really led me to think, what would it be like to be a vampire for 200 years.

Another movie really worth mentioning is Fight Club. It’s a timeless classic, and if you’ve not watched it, THEN YOU BETTER GO AHEAD. Edward Norton did a great job, but I think more credits gotta go to Mr Pitt here.

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden (Fight Club)He’s really amazing isn’t he? He actually worked out for a couple of months to prepare for this role. Fight Club, unlike the name, is not only about fighting. In fact, fighting is a metaphor for something even greater in the film which I shall not reveal to allow you to go experience it yourself, if you haven’t. He was so cool, so stylish with his acting, his look and more. Everything about him was close to perfection in this film of the decade. Why is it the film of the decade? Go watch it. Trust me.

He did another film, Troy, which required him to work out extensively as well. He worked out for 7 months prior to shooting Troy. Such passion for his work as an actor just makes me respect him more.

Brad Pitt as Achilles (Troy)In Fight Club, he was more of the toned, well built and sexy young man, while in Troy, he was a deadly warrior who’s fearless. Check out the different in size and shape. Ok sorry I did not mean to lead this article towards his body (but he’s really incredibly sexy right)

Brad Pitt’s a unique class of actor who not only has a really good looking face (I attribute it to his eyes and jaw line btw), a crazily good body but also first class acting skills. He’s constantly challenging himself as an actor too.

If you actually check out the movies he’s acted in, you would discover such a wide range of films, something that very few actors actually attempt anymore. Plus, he’s already 40 despite looking like he’s in his early 30s, sooooooo that just made him even more awesome.

There’s no doubt that he’s up there as one of my few favourite actors ever. Every guy can only dream to be like him.

But hey, I’m allowed to dream right?

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