Monday Morning Joe: News Wrap for the Week of Nov 21

Written by Sean Koh 

Hasn’t it been long since we did one of these? Scouring the Inter-webs for movie news for this article, one will be hard-pressed to find movie news articles that actually matter. So, in between Erika Christakis’s ( Time magazine ) defence of the latest Twillight movie, and Hollywood earning calls, we picked a couple of the more important things you should probably know about the world of movies today :

Digital Projectors to End Film Forever :
Says a new study by the IHS. Cinemas using film projectors have slid to about 68% last year, will drop to 37% of Cinemas next year, and 15% by 2015 as Film projects become the niche. Why the quick switch to replace 35-mm celluoid?


More theaters are now pushing for 3D and digital movies, to sell more expansive tickets. David Goodman wrote an interesting piece about this, over at CNN Money.


Scorsese’s first foray into 3D, ‘Hugo’ debuts this week :
Also, new for the esteemed director, ‘making a movie he could actually watch with his daughter.’. Says Scorsese, he needs to make a bloodless move after telling “…just about every gangster story I knew”. While not quite in the similar vein as George Miller going from making ‘Mad Max’ to making ‘Happy Feet 2’, the switch seems sort of natural, after directing one too many movies, where Leo DiCaprio shoots himself, gets shot, or goes crazy. ‘Hugo’ is out in the US and UK November 23rd, no word yet on the worldwide release.

Locations Scout, Eva Monley, dies at 88
The legendary Hollywood locations manager, known for work on classics such as “The African Queen”,“Lawrence of Arabia” and “Magambo”, passed at the age of 88 in her Kenyan home, last week. Ms Monley, had been essential in securing many shooting locations in Africa, owing to her fluence in Swahili. Without her, Hollywood would have missed some of its most formative years.

David Yates to Direct a Doctor Who Movie

Started out as a rumor, now we’re pretty sure another Doctor Who movie is in the works, and it will also be directed by David Yates, fresh off Deathly Hallows. Says Yetes :

“We’re looking at writers now. We’re going to spend two to three years to get it right. It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena.”.

and finally,

Breaking Dawn makes a BAJILLION {285.3 M} Dollars Despite Poor Reviews

Yeah, I know we said we filtered out the nonsense, but I felt this article by Kelly Torrance over at Wash. Examiner was worth the highlight. Among her observations,

“.. there’s rarely any real generalizations one can make — except that critics don’t matter as much as they’d like.”

So sadly true.

Movies on the charts this week actually worth the watch “The Descendants” debuting at No. 10, and “Puss in Boots”, which was just recently reviewed right here on this site.

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