The Muppets Are Hitting Back, However Not Scriptwriter Jason Segel

Written by Parveen Maghera

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The Muppets are hitting back to the big screens as director James Bobin and original co-writer, Nicholas Stoller came to an agreement of a new sequel to this comedy-drama film. No additional details on the plot were given but Bobin will most likely direct this sequel.

However, star of The Muppets and How I Met Your Mother, Jason Segel, will not collaborate with the script this time as he claims to have other commitments at hand, which includes his April-due promotional work Five Year Engagement and Judd Apatow’s This Is Forty which is due in December.

It is indeed a waste not to have Segel’s involvement in the script, as Stoller and him were greatly passionate for this film to grow. They pitched their idea for a Muppets sequel back in December 2008. Well, Segel is indeed ‘a muppet of a man’ but nevertheless, we should have faith in the existing writers or so does Segel.

Apparently, despite Segel’s heavy schedule, there may be a chance of him returning as the star of the sequel but it all depends on Stoller and Bobin’s script.

For now, let us wait for more news to come, but most importantly, await this anticipated sequel for all Muppet fans!


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