The Ultimate Harry Potter Blue-Ray Collection

Written By Jennifer Foo Rui-Fen

Potterheads, be prepared to run to your Gringotts vaults and withdraw cauldrons of galleons.

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What is this sorcery, you may ask.

Simple, really. Warner Brothers has recently announced an astronomical limited-edition and numbered collection of all eight films in Blu-Ray, neatly packed into the really classy box shown in the picture above. The box includes 18 movie discs with extended cuts from the first two films and separate 3D discs for the last two.

Before you go to the nearest store and shout “accio box”, calm down. There’s more.

The collection also includes 13 feature discs, which includes previously released special features and five hours of new content.

Perhaps the most irresistible components of the box, for me, would be the collectable memorabilia items such as a map of Hogwarts and concept art. Owning the films and books in exquisite quality is one thing; having part of the magical world of Harry Potter in your hands in another.

This is the part where it hurts worse than being Voldemort’s plastic surgeon: it is priced at $500. Amazon is cutting down the price to $350, but you can get the entire movie series for a fraction of the price, at $80. You could probably get cheaper, handmade merchandise from Etsy or make a Hogwarts map on your own.

So, start saving!


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