The Dark Knight Rises – Look Out For An Hour Worth of IMAX Footage

Written by Angela Tan

Emma Thomas has revealed to Collider that the film could see a rise in a supposedly 40 minutes of IMAX footage to 50 minutes, and counting.

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Christopher Nolan had made a consensus that only if he were allowed to produce The Dark Knight in IMAX will he agree on directing the film. With that, there’s a high possibility that he might eventually lead the future IMAX film-making.

IMAX movies, if you may not know, consist of crystal clear images up to eight stories high, accompanied perfectly by high-quality digital surround sound. It is said that IMAX theatres worldwide have been specially and specifically designed to cater to the “world’s most immersive movie experience.”

Nolan has lamented over the contradiction regarding the limitation of shooting a Hollywood movie on IMAX when they had with them huge camera department, grips and hundreds of people working for them.

He added that despite having cameras that had been to “Mount Everest, bottom of the ocean and into outer space,” people still held some doubts over his capability to make a feature film, ending off with claims that the entire issue was simply absurd.

The Dark Knight Rises will be opening in the UK on 20 July 2012, together with the much anticipated IMAX screening.

The final trailer of The Dark Knight Rises will also be shown with The Avengers, twice the entertainment for you!

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