Avengers (2012) – The Golden Alliance

Written by Cheng Hui Jie

I would really love to keep this review short and sweet but that’s almost impossible because AVENGERS was just too awesome!

That’s right! MARVEL’S AVENGERS was a huge success, earning over $1 Billion worldwide and also the title of the FIRST MOVIE EVER to make a 9-digit sum in just 2 weeks after its premiere!

I must admit that AVENGERS was a movie that I initially thought would turn out bad because of the saying, “too many chefs will spoil the soup”, but I was proven wrong. All it needed was a sure-to-succeed recipe that they could follow and in this case, the mighty amazing Director Joss Wheden (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was their ultimate cookbook.

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I’d have to admit that the opening sequence for this highly anticipated movie was rather dull but the remarkable flow of the movie salvaged it. Thankfully, the origin of each member was not looked into for this movie that was meant to be a sequel for several other movies. We were brought right-smack into the middle of a situation and all the characters were introduced with just the right amount of information for first comers to understand it and for long-time fans to not find it too repetitive.

It started off with the usual cheesy “galactic scene” where aliens are putting earthlings down but cooler, with the presence of an immortal who is also a super villain with ravishing looks- Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

The Avengers 2012
Tom Hiddleston as LOKI

Planning to retrieve their powerful glowing cube known as tesseract from Earth, Loki paid a visit to S.H.I.E.L.D with a grand entrance nonetheless. That was where everything started to happen really quickly after the cautiously calculative Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) called for the AVENGERS to be assembled in the nick of time (no pun intended) to save the world together.

Another reason why I loved this movie is because Director Joss Wheden cleverly addressed each and every single superhero’s ego and personality into the film using specific scenes of them fighting each other. Among them was the long awaited fight between Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans). The lines were genuinely epic and the cast did a fantastic job in their portrayal of their roles. The flow of the film was perfect, the sequences were great and there was almost no dead time throughout the whole film.

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Bringing your attention back to our fabulous cast, a character you need to look out for would be the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). This is probably one of the best on-screen Hulk performance and I really liked how Joss Wheden managed to divert our focus from one character to another, especially with the presence of a character that have always been in the spotlight throughout the whole film, like Hulk. I was never once a Hulk fan but I’d have to admit that Bruce Banner stole the show with his green bum, no wait, it’s Mark Ruffalo’s noticeable chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. in their comedic scenes. This just might be your only chance to catch the sexy green giant with ‘anger management issues’ working as part of an amazing team.

hulk mark ruffalo still The Avengers

Hulk Ironman 680

Another character to look out for would be the noble but bossy Captain America, who also happened to be ridiculously cute in his old-fashioned way. Being awakened from a nap too long, the captain was still as brave and upright as he was before he was genetically modified. It was no surprise for the stubborn and practical captain to be in bad terms with the snarky and snobbish owner of Stark Industries. Remember when I told you their lines were genuinely funny? Check this scene out!

Iron Man told Captain America, “No offense, but I don’t play well with others”

And so the captain posed him a question,“ Big man and a suit armour, take that away, what are you?”

Being witty and self-obsessed as usual, Tony replied “ Uh… Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist?”

Two insanely adorable and powerful superheroes battling it out with their words of wisdom was just too much to resist! My advice? Take note whenever the self-proclaimed philanthropist (Iron Man) is around, it’s either going to be some cool kick-ass scenes or super duper hilarious lines coming up! Need we say more about the man whom most of us are so familiar and in love with?

Of course, we cannot forget about the almighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his super villain brother, Loki, who pretty much continued from where they left off in their last Thor movie. I must say that the duo made a heavenly couple, looking so perfect as immortal brothers but sadly, Loki had to play the role of the adopted younger brother who has lived through disappointment in his brother’s shadow. Hiddleston looked more like a high-fashion model than an actor with his exclusive super villain outfit while Hemsworth looked like he could easily close an advertisement deal for a hair product with his lusciously golden locks.

Chris Hemsworth stars as Thor in The Avengers 2012

Bringing a whole team of extraordinary super heroes could be tough but we could leave it to Nicky Fury to make them settle all their differences or should I say, put all their crap away and join forces to kick some ass, in this case, alien asses. It could not have been done without the sacrifice of one of his beloved S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, Coulson (played by Clark Gregg), who turned out to be Captain America’s number one fan, or should I say, a HARDCORE FAN OF CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! Who knew Clark Gregg would make such a cute fan boy?!

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I personally felt that Agent Maria Hill (played by How-I-Met-Your-Mother star Cobie Smulders) did not leave much of an impression on me, perhaps because she did not appear much in the movie. Another famous actor who had too little screen time in the film would be Hawkeye (played by Mission Impossible 5 star Jeremy Renner).

Did I mention how Hawkeye and Black Widow’s (Scarlett Johansson) romance was just right for the blockbuster movie? It was not too lovey-dovey but there were enough sparks to see their passion for each other in a professional manner as top-notch S.H.I.E.L.D agents. In this very much male-dominated team cast, Scarlett Johansson somehow managed to capture our attention with her smart and slick fighting techniques. Apart from her striking resemblance with the comic book character, Johansson also showed that the Black Widow is not someone you can mess with.

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Despite the absence of my favourite MARVEL charcter Wolverine, the movie surpassed my expectations without a doubt. Discard the overused unsteady shots from the scene where aliens were taking over Manhattan city plus the overly cheesy opening sequence and this movie would be a perfect ten!

Be sure to catch the AVENGERS in cinemas before it’s too late! It is not everyday that you see a movie receive a 93% rating from Rotten Tomatoes and that is really how MARVEL-lous the film was! On a last note, remember to stay through the credits!

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