Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright On Her Directorial Debut

Written by Angela Tan


Set against plain beaches of Dungeness, Bonnie Wright first directorial debut tells a desirous story of the friendship between a love-deprived man (Harry Potter alum David Thewlis) and a lonely child (Bonnie Wright lookalike Emily Dunham).

Wright revealed how dearly the location is to her, having spent most of childhood time there. Additionally, she has also gained precious lessons from shooting the film and that she could “really respond to putting myself out of my own depth and finding my feet.”

“That idea of going for it – there’s nothing else to lose – the story paralleled the process of making it.” She added.

Apart from maintaining her profession as an actor, Wright also has plans to continue with more shorts.

Her latest acting project, In Want Of A Wife, is going to start shooting at the end of this year. She plays the young character of Lydia in the late 1700s in which she escapes from her clergyman father, together with a lieutenant, to a presumed hotel, only to realize later that it is a brothel. She is forced to become a prostitute.

The film is going to be Wright’s first leading role, an obstacle that she is happy to face.

Asked about whether there’s going to be nudity scenes?

“Within that period it was very untoward to see any flesh.” Grins Wright. “If there is it’s just a shoulder…”

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