First Trailer Of Resident Evil: Retribution – The Evil Returns Stronger And Formidable

Written by Angela Tan

The much-anticipated Resident Evil: Retribution has finally got something for their fans!

Their first ever trailer lands online, giving a glimpse of the sexy thunderbolt, Milla Jovovich, as she plays the protagonist Alice getting knocked into grave trouble with the notorious Umbrella Corporation.

“None of this is real,” Alice says appallingly, horrified by the overwhelming truth.

“Everyone I’ve ever known and everything I’ve ever done is being used against me.”

As the trailer begins, Alice enjoys a blissful life in the comfort of her family, only to realize that this idyllic state of ease is a deception created by Umbrella. Her family is haunted by prowling zombies and she lies in the captive hands of Umbrella.

With the ungodly spate of human extinction, Alice embarks on a mission to seize the vicious perpetrators behind the horrid zombie outburst.

Nevertheless, don’t miss the OTT action, cheesy dialogue and Jovovich’s new suggestively tight outfit in Paul W.S. Anderson’s new Resident Evil installation!

Resident Evil: Retribution opens in the UK on 28 September 2012.

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