Pitch Perfect (2012)

Written by Arthur Keng

Directed by: Jason Moore
Genre: Comedy/Music/Romance
Running time: 112 min­utes
Classification: PG 13
Release date: 8 November 2012
Rating: 3.5 / 5

A splendid movie indeed, Pitch Perfect is especially for people who love music and enjoy a good time in the cinema. Anna Kendrick, who starred as Beca, boosted the story with her good looks and also good acting. Kendrick was also involved in End of Watch (2012) as Janet and also ParaNorman (2012)voicing for Courtney Babcock, the sister of Norman Babcock. These two films were fresh out of the oven not too long ago.

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Once again, Kendrick performs amazingly in Pitch Perfect as the main character Beca, a girl who joins college to please her divorced father and puts her dream, of being a DJ in Los Angeles, to a side. Beca doesn’t really fit in until she ends up getting involved with an a cappella group in college. This incident, thus, drives the story forward.

Some may say that this film is similar to Glee. I’d agree, but to a certain extent. Having watched Glee myself, I believe that Pitch Perfect has its own voice and style compared to how Glee is portrayed. Personally, I really enjoyed Pitch Perfect, with it being a fun, comical and down-to-earth movie that all would enjoy. Being called Pitch Perfect, I would say that the film isn’t perfect and it has its own flaws here and there. Despite certain flaws that were spotted during the viewing of this film, I still believe that this film had its plus points, which were portrayed brilliantly on screen. One of which was the compilation and remixing of songs, and recording of the vocals and music used for the film.

Being a music lover myself, I managed to be engaged by the film especially when the singing commenced. Most of the soundtracks were composed without any instruments, only with their vocals. That includes the subtle soundtrack that may appear to set the mood of a particular scene. Music isn’t the only thing that would engage you but the plot of the story will also take hold of you and pull you into the whole journey of fun, laughter, inspiration, passion, groove, sadness and anger.

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Directed by Jason Moore, Pitch Perfect is the first feature film under his belt. Moore has only directed a total of five projects, four being TV Series such as Dawson’s Creek (2001-2002)*, One Tree Hill (2003)*, Everwood (2002-2004)* and Brothers and Sisters (2007)*. 

The story was adapted from a book called Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory by Mickey Rapkin (GQ Magazine’s Senior Editor). The scriptwriter Kay Cannon worked with Mickey Rapkin to come up with the story of the film, which is a compilation of past history on a cappella groups and how these groups adapted to the world we live in today.

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Not forgetting some likable faces in the movie, such as Skylar Astin as Jesse and Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. Astin has also came out of the TV industry and ventured into the world of films. Pitch Perfect is also his debut feature film. He was involved in voicing for Roy in Wreck-It Ralph (2012), a Disney film which revolves around video games characters, a movie I can’t wait to see myself. (This film releases on 20 December 2012)

Rebel Wilson, the comical Fat Amy and the one who adds colour to the film, is not new in the world of films. She had voiced for Raz in Ice Age – Continental Drift (2012) and she has slowly worked her way up the from being the Girl in Alley in Ghost Rider (2007) to a supporting role in Pitch Perfect.

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Accompanied by its rich background, Pitch Perfect is, indeed, a must watch. It is a great film for you to just sit back, relax and enjoy.

IMDB rates this film at a 7.5 / 10 but, I’d personally rate it as a 7/10. An awesome show for Glee lovers, possibly, and even if you are not a fan of musicals, I wouldn’t say the film will bore you. I believe this is a solid enjoyable film for every music lover.

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*Years are in accordance to Moore’s period of directing

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