Transformers 4 Plot Revealed!

Written by Cheng Hui Jie

Transformers 4

All Transformers fans look out! The plot for Transformer 4 has finally been revealed! Don’t worry because this article is spoiler-proof! Here are some juicy tidbits to satisfy your curiosity for now!

The new film will basically be a continuity to the last instalment (Dark of the Moon, 2011), “where a great battle left a city torn – but with the world once again saved”.

To heat things up, the Michigan Film Office added that in this sequel, “[t]he epic adventure and battle between good and evil, freedom and enslavement ensues”.

It has also been announced recently that Actor Mark Wahlberg (Ted, 2012) will replace Actor Shia LaBeouf as lead for LaBeouf declined to reprise his role. Joining him as lead will be Irish Actor Jack Reynor (What Richard Did, 2012).

Wahlberg even promised that the new film will be “very different from the other three”. 

With a brand new plot and cast, it sounds like the usual Transformers franchise will be undergoing quite a “transformation”, eh?

Collider | NME.COM

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