SGNEWWAVE PRESENTS: Exclusive screening of films from Cannes!

On 9 July 2013, SGNewWave had the privilege to present to you some of the award-winning short films from filmmakers at the recent Cannes Film Festival, courtesy of Michael Kam, the course manager for Film, Sound & Video (FSV) in the School of Film & Media Studies.

The films screened were:
Safe” by Moon Byoung-gon (South Korea) – Palme d’Or winner
37 degrees S” by Adriano Valerio (Italy) – Special Mention winner
Needle” by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh (USA) – 1st prize, Cinefondation
En Attendant le Degel (Waiting for the Thaw)” by Sara Hirtt (Belgium) – 2nd prize, Cinefondation
In the Fishbowl” by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu (Romania) – 3rd prize, Cinefondation

festival cannes 2013 interno

Here are thoughts from one of our members on 2 of the films that were most memorable, and what he feels about the films in general.

Reuben Foong
Film, Sound and Video Student, Year 2

“Safe” by Moon Byoung-gon

For safe, I think the pacing of the film is phenomenal. It really brought out top-notch action and tension to the table. On hindsight, the ending seemed predictable, but with such tension built upon shot after shot, as a viewer, we follow the main lead’s actions and all our expectations and predictions melt into focusing on the story, as opposed to thinking beforehand. And that, to me, is why it won the Palme d’Or – the film’s amazing ability to capture and shake the focus of the audiences at the same time.

“Needle” by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh

What I liked about needle was that it almost seemed like a metaphor – a child developing into a woman, as she gets her ears pierced for the first time. The final scene, where the shop owners pierced the little girl’s ears resembled that of a butterfly trying to reach out from its crystallized stage. And that, to me, is beautiful.

I thought it was an extremely enriching session. Having access to these Cannes-worthy films really gave me a reality check, that yes, it is possible to direct and produce films of that calibre as a student, with much accessibility to resources, information and equipment nowadays.

Furthermore, as films students, we are being taught the standards and basics of filmmaking. However, through the screening, I’ve learnt that it is acceptable to break certain rules and functions, so long as we have mastered the knowledge of what is needed. Moreover, I feel that Cannes looks for films with such potential and style.

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