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Written by Rebecca Dendroff

“Life is being in bed with you,” Michael Fassbender tells Penelope Cruz as they lie beneath the covers in the newest trailer for The Counselor. “Everything else is just waiting,” he continues.

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To afford the lifestyle that the Counselor (Fassbender) intends to provide for his new fiancée (Cruz), he’s going to need a lot of cash, cash that he, as a respectable attorney, does not have. So he decides to get in over his head in the drug trade. He comes up with a “fail-safe” plan that involves the unloading of $20 million worth of cocaine across the Mexican border with help from an eccentric friend and fellow drug lord Reiner (Javier Bardem) and a shady man who knows his way around the business (Brad Pitt).

That’s when things get bloody and the scheme that he had planned fails to play out smoothly when the shipment of drugs is stolen and the ones who took it believe that the sole party involved in this scheme is none other than the Counselor himself. With no one left to help him or back him up, the Counselor learns the true meaning of Pitt’s bleak words of wisdom: “If your definition of a friend is someone who will die for you… you don’t have any friends.”

From the looks of the trailer, Cameron Diaz takes on the role of the villain in this film. “You should be careful what you wish for, you might not get it,” she says to Cruz over the phone, that and a bunch of other threatening lines along with crawling atop the hood of a car.

And in the words of Reiner, “You are the world you have created, and when you cease to exist, this world that you have created, will also cease to exist.” Could this mean that the death of the counselor solves everything? We’ll only know the answer to that question when the film is released. But right now, death seems to be the only option.

The Counselor opens in theaters on November 28. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of it!


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