Wes Anderson? I’m not particularly a fan of him but that doesn’t mean I need to hate his work. His films are visually unique.
Fantastic Mr Fox is quite an ordinary story of a character, which is fantastic, with an inciting incident to midpoint and to its ending with a slight character change. Even then he still makes it more fun for the audience with well-balanced humour and suspense, and a bit of romance. At time s the audience would laugh and at times the audience would wish that the fantastic mr fox and his friends would be safe from the three farmers.

I have to admit that the audience went through one hell of a ride on the rollercoaster. Look at how Wes Anderson arranges the plot. The audience did not know what happened at the start when Mr Fox and his wife got trapped in the cage as a result of Mr Fox’s fantastic idea. Instead of continuing from there, we only learn what actually took place when Mr Fox regaled the story to his son, Ash. There is no flashback here, of course. But what makes it different is that the way it is being told, it is as if the audience is brought back to the start of the film. And I find this part of the animation a big change for both Mr Fox and Ash.

The story is simple for sure. But the characters are on a different level, well, besides the fact that they are animals. The audience loves the character for who they are and their costumes are so amazing, what more the art direction of the animation.

Overall, it’s a great piece, and I would definitely recommend others to watch it.

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