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47 Ronin official trailer

Written by Rebecca Dendroff The film 47 Ronin is based on a true Japanese story, telling the tale of a group of warriors in disarray. After an evil warlord kills their master and banishes their kind, the 47 leaderless samurai vow to seek revenge and restore honour to their people.

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Natalie Portman to direct first film

Danker Tiffany Nicole Andrea It seems like there’s just nothing that Natalie Portman can’t do. The beautiful brunette is best known for roles such as Emma Kurtzman and Nina Sayers on No Strings Attached (2011) and Black Swan (2010) respectively.

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New Gravity trailer

Written by Rebecca Dendroff Warner Bros. this week released the latest trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, and it shows many vertigo-inducing shots of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney being flung about in space. It doesn’t seem to be too interesting as of yet, but the trailer does capture the beauty of space and the fearful prospect […]

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Possible title for Man Of Steel sequel

Written by Rebecca Dendroff As mentioned previously, Zack Snyder announced at Comic-Con 2013 that his next movie would be a film that has the two superheroes, Batman and Superman. This film will feature Henry Cavill as Superman and another presumably handsome actor who will take on the role of the Dark Knight.

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New trailer for RUSH

Written by Rebecca Dendroff Ron Howard’s upcoming formula one racing film, Rush has just had another trailer released, and this trailer takes on a more “action-y” feel to it. This new one capitalizes on the dramatic elements mixed with some rubber-burning tension.

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