One Cut of the Dead

Sometimes in life, nothing goes your way. This applies to life and as aspiring filmmakers I’m sure we all can relate to it. But there can be ways to adapt and go around it. 

One Cut of the Dead takes filmmaking and puts it into the film itself. Creates problem for itself on set and off set, and solves the problem on set and off set.

The 38 minute long take was a brilliant work of many people, from the choice of location to the coordination of the crew to the hectic running and rolling. Everyone and everything had to work for it to be done. 

Following the crew on stage as they plan and execute the long take makes us wonder how many of those were inspirations of past experience and how many were the creative inputs of the filmmakers. Seeing the same scene shot and being shot 3 different times really allow me to appreciate how they interact with each other based on the film’s story. A story within a story.

This is also what the low budget film shot on NX5P (Not Arri or Red) has shown. Story is king.

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