Wonder is as good as feel-good movies can get.

Which is REALLY good.

This was a pleasant surprise. I came into the film expecting a fairly generic and simple feel-good family movie but came out very satisfied and thoroughly enjoyed it

I guess it was all the marketing and all the posters but I assumed that the movie would solely be focussed on the main character, Auggie, and only focus on his experiences going to school. Well, that was not the film ended up doing.

Without spoiling too much of the film, the secondary cast of characters were given ample screen time to the point that you see their perspective and their personal problems and how it could relate to Auggie. I really loved this aspect of the film and especially enjoyed the sister’s arc. Plenty of time is given to both the friends and family of Auggie to really build their relationships with one another and that is something that I usually don’t see in movies like this.

Something I do disagree with most of the reviews that I have seen of this movie is how some parts are quite emotionally manipulative and how the movie ‘forces’ you to feel a bit too hard at times. I personally did not experience this at all and if anything, I felt that the majority of the interactions in the film were very natural and realistic. Which leads me to the cast. Jacob Tremblay is as wonderful as ever and if his performance in Room is any indication, he is one of the best current child actors in the business. The rest of the child actors and actresses were fine and the parental pair of Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts is as perfect as you can get.

If you have nothing to do over the weekend and are thinking of catching a movie, maybe take a break from Scorsese, Tarantino or Kubrick and enjoy this laid-back but emotionally enjoyable film.

Fun fact, this movie had a budget of $20 million and grossed $305.9 million at the box office. This proves that one doesn’t need a $100+ million budget to produce a good movie. After all, story is king.

Choose Kind.

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