Spiderman 2

This is so good. It balances Spiderman’s personal life problems and the villain (who is honestly one of my favourite villains in any superhero film) so well.

You can clearly tell that it’s a Sam Raimi film and I’m not criticizing him when I say this trilogy does not have such a ‘cinematic’ feel. It has a very cheesy kind of vibe that works perfectly for the imperfect superhero that is Spider-man. It truly brings home the idea of Spiderman being an ordinary person like any one of us

Tobey Maguire is MY Spider-man.

Lastly, if you are not convinced that this film is THAT good, just listing the countless memorable scenes this movie has is unreal.

– Raindrops keep falling on my head

– Saving Subway

– Elevator ‘Spidey Suit’

– Doc Ock intro

– Violin Lady

– Every scene with J. K. Simmons

I could go on forever…

This is a superhero masterpiece. Also, I WANT PICTURES OF SPIDERMAN AND I WANT THEM NOW!!

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