A craze, boom or miracle? I like how the movie tries to show that there’s always two or more sides behind everyone of them, not just riding on the fun stuff. It certainly is a whacky film. From the get go we go into a mockumentary style which then does a 360 and introduces us to the main character, a comedian named Kosuke, who returns back to japan after failing to make it big in the US. Kosuke’s relationship with his father is the centre of activities ultimately. While the plot brings us around in an Udon pilgrimage to an animated stylised mock trailer of ‘Udonman!’ to teaching how udon should be ate, it always goes back to Kosuke’s family home, where his Father runs his Udon shop everyday. This film is certainly one to be watched on the big screen for maximum wackiness. Without spoiling the later half of the film, I must say the ending was one of the most wholesome and heartwarming moments with the reveal of  the ‘Power of Udon’. Give this film a chance and watch it! SLURRPPPPPPPPPP

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