Carrie (2013)

Carrie is a dark horror drama that’s tells both a disturbing and despairing story of a shy teenage girl who is the victim of bullying in school, and is protected by an overly religious and fanatical mother.

The 2013 movie, Carrie, is the remake of the 1976 film of the same name, and is adapted from the first published novel of best-selling novelist Stephen King. Directed by Kimberly Pierce, the movie was the winner of the USA’s People’s Choice Award under the horror films category in 2014, and has been nominated for many other awards as well.

Chloƫ Grace Moretz plays the role of Carrie who was bullied at school, and eventually realizes that she had somehow received telekinetic powers. Through the film, she learns to master her powers, and at some point she was led to believe that someone finally liked her. However, things go absolutely south during the prom where she felt as if everything had been taken from her, and she begins to unleash hell using her powers.

Though not much more horror than in the original film, the remake offers spectacular visual effects, especially in the last scene as Carrie goes on a rampage and creates a bloodbath at her school prom as the film reaches its climax.

As much as it is a horror film, Carrie is a film that is more relevant than ever to teenagers today. With bullying in schools something that almost everyone has seen before, Carrie is a film that offers us insight on the emotional impacts such psychological trauma can create, and a fantasy of the ultimate lash-out from the most unsuspecting victim.

Though we might not have telekinetic powers, Carrie tells of a horrifying reality that is not so far from our own.

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