Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver is a film that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seats, in this fast-paced action packed thriller that boasts not only high-speed car chases but also stunning sound design that immerses the audience in the world of Baby.

Directed by Edgar Wright, the film was nominated for numerous awards under the sound design and editing categories, and won the title of “Best Editing” at the 2018 Critics’ Choice. Baby Driver follows the story of Baby, a getaway driver who wants out of the dirty business only to find himself stuck in a predicament, and is forced to join a heist after being persuaded by Doc, a crime boss who he was once indebted to. He is soon threatened with everything he cared about, including his newly found love and his foster father. 

Despite being a getaway driver for crooks, Baby has a way of melting our hearts with his pitiful backstory where we saw both of his parents killed in a car accident, after which he was also left with tinnitus, a condition that affected his hearing.  Throughout the film, we see how Baby genuinely wanted to leave his old life behind, and beneath the cold look he gives towards other of Doc’s crew, he’s actually a really nice person who cares alot about people. We’ve seen this through how he cared for his foster father, and we also saw it through how he tried to warn the bank teller of the robbery.

Car chases, shoot-outs, and confrontations, Baby Driver has everything your typical thriller movie and more. Pair all that with excellent sound design, and you get a film that leaves you stunned and wanting more. The concept of using music to cope with Baby’s tinnitus condition was a great idea that was well executed as well. Music was masterfully edited to match the beat and tempo of the action scenes which took the film to another level.

A fan of action thrillers? Baby Driver is a film you must watch.

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