Mother! (2017)

Mother is a 2017 horror film directed by Darren Aronofsky that’s packed full of metaphors and oddities that can leave its audiences intrigued and confused. The film is centered around a poet and his wife, only known to the audience as “Him” and “Mother”. The two were living a quiet life in a house that was burnt-out by a fire not so long ago, until one day, a man knocks on their door, after which things begin to get chaotic and horrific events occur.

However, Mother is very unlike your typical horror film in terms of story, but is more a film that drives its horror out of the confusion that ensues, aside from the depictions of graphic atrocities in the film. Yet, it is also a film that can be interpreted in many ways depending on the audience.

However, Mother is ultimately a film that is symbolic of various events and people. In the big picture, the characters played each reflect a similar character in the Christians’ Bible, Mother representing Mother Earth, the poet representing God, and the eventual guests that appear represent the first man and woman on Earth, Adam and Eve, and their sons Cain and Able, with the entire settings representing what can be inferred to be the Garden of Eden. Yes, it might seem confusing, but it is what it was made to be.

Mother! was a nominee for the 2018 Saturn Awards under the Best Horror Film category, and was nominated for many other awards subsequently as well.

Practically a giant allegory in itself, the film might not resonate with everyone and cam leave others confused, but it will definitely be an enjoyable film for those who are intrigued by it.

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