Don’t Breathe

If horror-thriller films are your cup of tea, then Don’t Breathe is a film that might pique your interest. Don’t Breathe is an American horror-thriller film that was released in 2016, and was directed by Fede Álvarez.

The film revolves around three thieves who break into the house of an blind army veteran, Norman, to steal a large payout he received after the death of his daughter. However, it wasn’t long after they broke into the house when things began to go south. After realizing the presence of the thieves, Norman locks them in the house, leaving the thieves scrambling to find a way to escape, while trying to remain silent to avoid drawing the attention of Norman.

As it turned out, it was later in the film that we realized that Norman was distraught at the loss of his daughter, even to the extent of imprisoning his killer in his basement. He was a man filled with hatred and spite.

Don’t Breathe is a suspenseful, bloody, and darkly thrilling film, well-executed in production with a decent plot. In the film, one key aspect of the sound design was the silence in many parts of the films, creating the suspense and tension needed for each scene. This film touches on topics of grief, revenge, and violence against women, though some depictions of these topics may have been overdone.

The film is rather interesting as it presented us with main characters that were not very likable to begin with, but the horrific ending that gave the main characters what they deserved was neither something that made us feel good, nor was it something that wasn’t justified. But the twisted ending was something that definitely screamed horror film.

Don’t Breathe received multiple awards and commendations, including the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Sci-fi/Horror Movie in 2016, and the Empire Award for Best Horror in 2017.

Overall, Don’t Breathe would make for a good pick for a late-night movie if you’re a fan of horror films.

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